Here at Vintage Comps we aim to source the finest old school, classic and vintage vehicles and give you guys the chance of winning them for just a fraction of the cost! Started in 2021. Run by Father and son, Danny & Taylor with good background knowledge and a great passion for classic motorcycles and cars. We want to bring those great memories from the past back to life by giving our customers the chance to win some fantastic classic vehicles and relive their youth with nostalgia at it’s finest. Even for those that may not of been fortunate enough back in the day to own a particular bike/car we aim to make your wishes come true!

We are big petrol heads ourselves and try to get round to as many car/motorcycle shows as we can throughout the year. We receive a lot of messages from our customers about bikes and cars from the past and we try to reply to as many as we can. Send us a message, we are always up for a chat. You may even bump into us at one of the big shows throughout the year! Wishing you all the best of luck!

For any business enquiries or collaborations, please leave us a message below.


Email: admin@vintagecomps.com