Here at Vintage Comps we aim to source the finest old school, classic and vintage vehicles and give you guys the chance of winning them for just a fraction of the cost! Started in 2021. Run by Father and son with good background knowledge of classic motorcycles and cars to help pursue the route we want to take and to bring back those great memories from the past! With a huge passion for cars and motorcycles, we wish to make your wishes come true and allow our lucky winners to relive their youth with nostalgia at it’s finest. Even for those that may not of been fortunate enough back in the day to own a particular bike/car we aim to make your wishes from the past come true!

Vintage Comps is a, fun and exciting competitions service created to host fantastic prize giveaways, brought to you by the team, Tay & Danny. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable experience for our customers throughout our entertaining live draws on Facebook whilst giving them all the chance to win some incredible prizes. With you in mind, we listen and take all feedback onboard and aim to provide prizes to win upon request. Some of the amazing prizes that we will be giving away include: Classic motorcycles, classic cars, cash prizes, luxury items and much more.

Making things simple and user friendly for everyone to get involved is what we take seriously. It has never been so simple. To enter one of our competitions, select a prize you want to go for. Select the amount of tickets you would like to purchase, answer the skill based multiple choice question and go to the checkout to complete your purchase. You will then be entered to the draw and will have access to all purchased ticket numbers via email and through the ‘My Account’ page on our website. We like to keep ticket prices low and make the odds as appealing as possible. With the prices being so low, what are you waiting for? You’ve got to be in it to win it! See you on the live draws!


Email: admin@vintagecomps.com